Pirates 2048 is a browser-based, multiplayer, futuristic pirate ship battle game. It's also a DApp (Decentralized App) based on Ethereum, now running on Matic Network.

Each player controls a pirate ship and aims to survive in a sea arena where other pirates try to destroy ships and collect precious items from the seas to earn points and crypto.

At the end of every year there will be a Grand Tournament. To qualify you need to be on top of the leaderboard, win a qualifying tournament or get a special ticket...

We also plan to add several NFTs representing collectible game items.

To learn more check our quick guide here.

REMEMBER: Points are updated and payments are done using Matic Network main net transactions that can take some time. Also don't forget that this is still Beta software.

The story

2048... our planet is a very different place. Climate change intensified in the 20's and 30's and caused all the land ice on the planet to melt by 2035. This dramatically reshaped the continents and drowned many of the world's major cities.

Then came 2039 and a nuclear hollocaust of unknown reason. Now much of the remaining land is a nuclear wasteland and most of the survivors live in small islands or floating communities known as harbors. Most of the technology and knowledge were lost.

The seas are now a dangerous place, full of pirates and their clans. In 2048 mysterious purple stones, with unknown origin, started to appear in the seas.

One of the most respectful community leaders, Lord Buterin understood their power...

He made a challenge to the pirates around it's harbor: a Grand Tournament in a sea arena to find out who's the greatest stone collector!

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