Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manouver my ship?

Use the ⬅ ➡ arrow keys to rotate the ship and the ⬆ arrow key to increase the speed.

Easy to learn pirate, but hard to master! Don't forget you are dealing with a mix between a trimaran and an hovercraft.

How do I win Ether?

You win 5 MATIC each time you destroy another player's ship. BOT ships and stolen fishing boats don't pay you Ether but you receive points each time you destroy them.

You can also win MATIC if you win a tournament, when there is one happening.

How do I win points?

You win:

  • 2 points for each player stolen fishing boat you destroy.
  • 5 points for each BOT ship you destroy (bot ships have [BOT] before the name).
  • 50 points for each player ship you destroy.
  • A random number of points (between 1 and 50) when you find precious stones floating in the sea.

What are the objects I see in the sea arena?

logo Harbour: to exit the game without loosing your ship you must first enter this Harbour.

logo Player ship: the one you own or other player ship.

logo BOT ship: this are AI controled marine drones, from unknown origin, that aim to destroy human ships.

logo Stolen Fishing Boat: this is a fishing boat that you or other player stole from the Harbour.

logo Ammo Pack: this restores ship ammo count to 100.

logo Medical Pack: this restores ship health to 100.

logo Floating precious stones: when you find this floating in the sea you win as many points as the number of stones you found.

Why I lost 1 ship for refreshing the browser while playing?

To quit the game without loosing your ship you have first to find and enter the Harbour. When you enter the Harbour you receive a message about it and can close or refresh the browser without loosing your ship.